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 2 bastides for rent :

Le Puits de l'Eouvé (20 people) La Douce (10 people)

 La douce

The house
The bedrooms
The living room, the dining room and the kitchen
The swimming pool
The grounds
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The swimming pool

Assuming that the pool is the place where one spends most of the day during the holidays, we have designed it in order to swim comfortably. It is heated on demand with heat pump.
    It is rectangular-shaped like an old basin, coated with tiles, and large : 40 x 18 feet.
    Depth starting from 3,3 feet allows to walk in the water all around the pool and maximum depth of 6,6 feet in the center allows some diving.
    It is lighted at night and equipped with an electronic alarm system.
    It is cool to sit on the large steps to enjoy a glass of Rosé and the view, and keep a watchful eye on the children…

Water is salted so that it does not hurt the eyes and does not dry the skin.

By the pool, one can lounge on comfortable “chaises longues” under the parasols that shade part of the large 1,200 square feet stone terrace or one can prefer the shade of the oak trees and other trees around.


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